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Please get in touch for more information on my services - all can be customised and tailored to suit you and your pet. A free, no obligation meet and greet is offered prior to booking any service. 

  • 60 minute walk, on or off lead, with other dogs. Great for playtime!
    1 hr
    Starting at £12
  • One on one walk, just me and your dog. 30 minutes or an hour.
    30 min
    Starting at £13
  • Keeping your pet company whilst you are out.
    3 hr
    30 British pounds
  • Looking after your pet(s) overnight in their own home
    8 hr
    40 British pounds
  • A half an hour, pop-in visit.
    30 min
    Starting at £10
  • A pop-in visit for any small pet, perfect for holidays.
    15 min
    Starting at £8
  • Transportation for your pet.
    30 min
  • Routine clean out of your pet's home
    1 hr
    11 British pounds
  • 1 hr
    13 British pounds
  • Poo picking and other field duties/paddock services
    1 hr
    12 British pounds
  • A 30 minute visit for your horse or other livestock
    30 min
    13 British pounds

Need a service not mentioned above? Contact me!

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